Green Means Health in Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie Recipe Collection

What are smoothies?

Let us begin by explaining what a smoothie actually is. A smoothie is a healthy beverage produced out of fruits and/ or vegetables which has a smooth consistency. Smoothies have been for a long time on the market, actually from the 60s, and have been first introduced in the United States in health food stores. Because they are a very healthy but also very tasty alternative to the raw fruit and vegetable consumption, the smoothies have gained ground by the 90s and can be found nowadays in any supermarket or coffee shop. Besides fruit and vegetable, these beverages may also include honey, milk and crushed ice.

What are the advantages of smoothie consumption?

Smoothies are a very easy method of introducing in children’s or even adults’ diet of raw fruit and vegetable easier than their actual consumption in the original form. We all know that we are supposed to eat fresh vegetables and fruit because they contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants, but sometimes we will not do that because we have no time to eat or simply because there are some of them that we do not like, even if we know that their consumption has lots of benefits. But some of the valuable vitamin sources can be “disguised” among other more tasty ones, and thus their intake will not be a problem.

The main advantage of smoothie consumption is the fact that they are vary easy to produce even compared to a plain salad. And you can basically play with lots of ingredients: if you feel like cooling you can add crushed ice, if you feel like you need something sweet you can add honey. There is no limit to the ingredients that can be used: raw or frozen fruit and vegetables, milk or even spices like cinnamon.

There are thousands of combinations that can be done when it comes to smoothie creation, and you should not be afraid to try any combination that you might find appealing. Here are some recipes that you will find very easy to reproduce and delicious to taste.