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Just like their overwhelming majority, this smoothie will also be bright green colored. And just like all the other smoothies, being green does not mean having a bad taste. On the opposite, all smoothies are equally taste because the spinach, broccoli or other green leaves that you introduce among the ingredients have a very weak taste and are covered by the fruit tat you will put in. the smoothies are in most cases naturally sweet if you choose your ingredients carefully. This means that the fruits are best when they are well ripened. Be careful though to choose fresh fruit, do not mistake the ripened ones with the ones standing for a long time on the supermarket shelves. Besides having a high concentration of antioxidants, the fresh detox smoothie will help you when having minor digestive issues like a bloating stomach. Do not imagine that you can eat all day long all sorts of junk food and then drink a detox smoothie to make it all go away, but when drank in combination with exercising, this little green beverage will ease your pain significantly.

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