Free radicals are the main enemies that we encounter every day at every step that we take. But what or who are these free radicals that everyone is talking about and what is their influence on our bodies? The free radicals can be found all around us, and they are the ones responsible for our aging and by default, for different diseases associated with it.

Can we escape the action of the free radicals?

A certain amount of free radicals is produced during the metabolism processes and is normal, but their number and action has been enhanced recently due to the cigarette smoke, pollution, radiation and herbicides. In order to neutralize the effects of the free radicals, the body has found a way to fight against them with the help of the antioxidants which are naturally produced by the organism. The problems appear when the body is not able any more to produce the same amount of the antioxidants that it used to because of e certain health deficiency. Another case when problems will surely appear is the situation when the exposure to the free radicals is so excessive that it starts producing damage.

The main problem associated with the free radical damage is the fact that it accumulates over time and can not be reversed. Just like ageing.

How can we fight the free radical action?

There is a way to fight against the free radical action with the help of the antioxidants. They are molecules that inhibit the oxidation produced by the free radicals. Among the strongest antioxidants, just on top of the list you will find vitamins C and E. Their presence has been associated with less cancer cases and less heart diseases, both known to be caused by the free radical action on the cells by damaging them.

There are two options when it comes to antioxidant intake. The first and the easiest one is taking dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are pills containing the amount of vitamins that is supposed to be the right one to help you fight the action of the free radicals. For the ones that are not keen on eating fruit and vegetables this is the most convenient way of acquiring the substances that you need in order to remain healthy. The disadvantages associated with a long dietary supplement intake is the fact that these pills also contain other chemical substances beside the vitamins. These chemical substances can have a bad effect on your health on the long run, and you might find yourselves in the following situation: the supplements that you have taken with the clear purpose of maintaining your health will actually make you sick.

The other option is actually eating raw fruit and vegetables. It is recommended to eat them raw, or processed as little as possible, because many of the vitamins and nutrients are lost during the cooking processes like boiling, frying and so on. Even if the consumption of fruit and vegetable proves to take more time than taking a pill that you expect to do wonders, this option should be preferred over the dietary supplements intake. Nutritionists recommend from 5 to 8 servings of raw fruit and vegetable per day if you want to have a healthy and balanced diet. It is only understandable that this will take more time because you will have to prepare them and first of all you have to make regular visits to the supermarket to make sure that they are always fresh. A great idea to make things easier is to transform the fruit and vegetable that you plan on eating each day into delicious smoothies. It is the least time consuming method of preparation, and you will be able to include more than a serving into a glass. Lots easier than preparing a salad and just the same when it comes to the quantity of vitamins, nutrients and fibers ingested.

Here you will find a collection of wonderful high antioxidant concentration smoothies, easy to prepare and tasty.


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